Black History Month: An Open Letter From Our Founder

Black History Month: An Open Letter From Our Founder

As many of you know, Earth’s Dew is a Black-Female owned business. While that is something to celebrate; I wish we lived in a world where I didn’t have to announce my race or gender in order to grab the attention that I need to have a fighting chance, equivalent to that of my white counterparts. It is no secret that African Americans have bore the brunt of mass incarceration due to  war on drugs; yet here we are with very little equity and restoration in this cannabis space. 

If I began to try to explain to you the trials, tribulations and blatant discrimination that I’ve endured entering into this industry, you probably wouldn’t believe me. From my merchant accounts being shut down, to the bank freezing my assets, all the way down to our instagram being deactivated; we’ve been drug the wringer. Yet here we are! Still standing, still taking up space, and still going after social justice. 

I’ve been very open about the reason why I started this company. My father had glioblastoma which is a rare & malignant brain cancer & the only thing that shrank his tumors were cannabis oils. But what I haven’t been open about was the fact that I have been personally affected by the war on drugs. I haven’t been open about how my family and I suffered immensely due to the corruption of this unjust system.

My father, who was a first time, non-violent offender was sentenced to 30 years in prison for distribution. My mother was sentenced to 10 years due to conspiracy as well. People who get convicted of murder is literally getting less time than that; case in point: Kim Potter. You are looking at the direct descendant of a broken system. And although I don’t look like what I’ve been through, my invisible scars run deep

This Earth’s Dew journey has never been just about the money. This has been about taking what the system used to harm me and flipping it to make change. This is why at check-out you have the option to donate to children whose parents are incarcerated. I was one of them. I know how it feels to have your parents stolen from you. I know what it feels like to cry every night on my knees begging God to send my parents home. 

So while we celebrate Black History Month, and enjoy the free products that we give away on Instagram for our BHM trivia; lest not forget that although we have come so far, we still have such a long way to go. A portion of our sales goes right back into our communities in my attempt to right the wrongs and fight for change. Be on the lookout for future event emails because we are planning some spectacular ones! Happy Black History Month Dew Crew. 

Let’s try to support a Black Owned Business by Giving them a shout out on social media, buying a gift card to share with someone, or by shopping Black Owned.


Warmest Regards,

Mercedes C. Young